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Who we are? What we do?
At Aligner Concierge our goal is to save your time spent on case modifications. After you submit the case, we take control of it. While you sleep, a certified orthodontist at Aligner Concierge modifies the case in accordance with your particular Clinical Preferences. When the case comes back into your ClinCheck inbox, it is ready for you to approve. This decreases your time spent reviewing cases and makes case submission an efficient process. We also constantly monitor pending cases under control so that all cases are modified within in a timely manner, usually within hours.

Our efficiency comes from following a systematic method for case review based on YOUR specific Clinical Preferences. Our method follows a series of repeatable steps to ensure consistency and accuracy. Hence, our goal is that the modified treatment plan in your inbox has all the necessary modifications as per YOUR set of preferences so you don’t need to spend time improving the setup.