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New Cases Modified

Additional Aligner Cases Modified

Hours Spent on Invisalign Cases


A dedicated specialist Orthodontist reviews and optimizes treatment plans.


We apply our knowledge of tooth movement while setting up cases.


Our specialized domain knowledge of aligner attachments allow us to deliver predictable results.


We bridge the gap between the Orthodontist and aligner technicians thus saving resources spent on case planning.

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Invisalign Signup

Invisalign Signup

Step 1

Log in

Log in

Login into your Invisalign account.

Step 2

Add AlignerConcierge

Add AlignerConcierge

In order to add AlignerConcierge to your Invisalign account, Navigate to Account -> Staff -> Add new account

Step 3

Select Staff members roles

Select Staff members roles

We recommend using alignerconcierge as staff username. Choose a password of your choice . fill aligner as first and concierge as second name. Choose third option under ” SELECT STAFF MEMBERS ROLE” Treatment management.

Step 4

Subscribe now

Subscribe now

Browse to alignerconcierge.com and click on Subscribe now.

Step 5

Sign up

Sign up

Fill out relevant sign-up details filled out in step 3.



  • An Orthodontist will modify the case specified by the customer.
  • The Concierge will setup the case after the customer submits the initial prescription.
  • Includes upto 3 additional aligner refinements for the same patient.